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German Online Closing

We are sorry to inform you that German Online closed permanently on July 1, 2022. Students were expected to complete their coursework by May 15, 2022.

Despite the closure, we are available to fulfill grade report requests.

If you are a former student of German Online and you would like to request a grade report for your course, please contact Sharon Burch ( or Angie Kelly ( When submitting your request, please include the Student Name, Level of German, and Year of Instruction, as well as the email address or physical address to which your grade report should be sent. This will allow us to process your request as quickly as possible.

Thank you!


List of Possible German Programs

The list below is not a formal endorsement by German Online of the following programs.
I encourage you to reach out directly to the programs listed below with any questions that may come up and hope this information is helpful for you!
Program Name Website Courses Offered Price Range Synchronous/
Asynchronous High School Accredited? 
German Online Group Courses, 
Deutsch Online Individual, 
Intensive German Online
(A1 - C1) 399€ - 849€ Both No, but could be discussed with school (much like German Online credit process)
Variable, courses aligned to student level Variable, depending on course length Both Yes
German 1 Part 1
German 1 Part 2
German 2 Part 1
German 2 Part 2 $289/part Both NCAA, UC
German 1
German 2
German 3
German 4
AP German Language and Culture $400/course Both Depends on course, most courses are UC accredited
German Online Course Targeted Proficiency 
German 1 A1
German 2 A1/A2
German 3 A2/B1
German 4 B1/B2
AP German B2/C1
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