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Faculty/Staff Newsletter

The College of Arts and Sciences wants to foster postive relationships with all it's faculty and staff. One way we do this is through sending biweekly newsletter updating our faculty and staff on things going on within CAS and OSU as a whole. 


July 29: Money, Money, Money

July 15: Resources, art and Fulbrights

June 22: Calendar's, conspiracy theories, and Black Wall Street

May 20: Department heads, a documentary and an intro to Outreach

May 6: Goodbye Spring Semester 

April 22: NGWA collaboration, Fulbright Scholars and more

April 8: Interview with The Dude and a game-changing STEMM database

March 25: Dean Krutz can check skydiving off his bucket list

March 4: NGWA collab, podcast, and professional development day

February 18: Black History Month

January 28: Building on the culture of care

January 22: New Mental Health Training Video

January 14: Sneak peak of the new Greenwood School of Music building


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