Campus Map

cas map

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CAS Academic Buildings

BC - Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts

ART - Art, Graphic Design and Art History

COR - Cordell Hall

GU - Gunderson Hall

LL - Languages and Literatures

HBRC - Henry Bellmon Research Center

Interdisciplinary Research Facility

GEOL - Boone Pickens School of Geology

CHEM - Chemistry

MICR - Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

PHYS - Physics

BOT - Plant Biology, Ecology and Evolution

LSE - Life Sciences East

CAS Dean’s Office

CAS Student Success Center & Outreach

MICR - Microbiology & Molecular Genetics


LSW - Life Sciences West

BIOL - Integrative Biology

MSCS - Mathematical Sciences

CS - Computer Science

MATH - Mathematics

STAT - Statistics

The McKnight Center

MUSI - Future home of the Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music

M - Morrill Hall

ENGL - English

MUR - Murray Hall

CDIS - Communications Sciences & Disorders

GEOG - Geography

HIST - History

PHIL - Philosophy

POLS - Political Science

SOC - Sociology

NRC - Noble Research Center

GEOL - Boone Pickens School of Geology

NH - North Murray Hall

PSYC - Psychology

JB - Paul Miller/JB Building

MC, MMJ, SPM, SC - School of Media and Strategic Communications

PS - Physical Sciences

CHEM - Chemistry

PHYS - Physics

BOT - Plant Biology, Ecology and Evolution

SCPA - Seretean Center for the Performing Arts

MUSI - Music

TH - Theatre

THR - Thatcher Hall

AERO - Air Force ROTC: Aerospace Studies

MLSC - Army ROTC: Military Sciences

Academic Buildings

AGH - Agricultural Hall

AGHN - Agricultural Hall North

ANSI - Animal Science

ARCH - Architecture

ATRC - Advanced Technology Resource Center

BUS - Business

CLB - Classroom Building

CLBN - Classroom Building North

EN - Engineering North

END - Endeavor Building

ES - Engineering South

FAPC - Food and Agricultural Products Center

HS - Human Sciences

HSW - Human Sciences West

WLLD - Willard


University Buildings

Conoco Phillips OSU Alumni Center

FS - Fire Station

ITLE - Institute for Teaching & Learning Excellence

LIB - Edmon Low Library

Math Learning Success Center

OC - Old Central

HONR - Honors College

PI - Public Information

SU - Student Union

OSU Writing Center

WH - Whitehurst (President’s Office)