University Studies (online)

University Studies (online)

This is a completely online degree.

University Studies, BUS
Interdisciplinary Studies, BUS

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 If you are a goal-directed, motivated, and mature student who finds that the present degree programs (majors) at the University will not enable you to attain your educational objectives, this program is for you. Individualization and flexibility are features of the program leading to the degree of Bachelor of University Studies. The Bachelor of University Studies degree program allows you to use the total resources of the University available to accomplish your unique educational objectives. The program may or may not prepare you for a particular occupation or for entry into a professional school.

Career Options

This degree offers a variety of courses to expand your perceptions of yourself and the world. University Studies cultivates skills of critical thinking, writing clearly about complex topics, and in research and analysis. With this combination of skills, you can achieve unique academic and career goals.

Some Departments offer Departmental Level scholarships for students whose major is housed within that specific department.

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