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Political Science students are taught to think independently, communicate effectively, understand complex social structures, and function effectively in a multicultural world. Students further refine their expertise by focusing on one of the major subfields within the political science major: American Politics – The study of current and classical work on the American government; Comparative politics – The study and comparison of domestic politics in countries around the world; International Relations – The study of relations between countries, including such topics as foreign policy, conflict, trade and foreign aid or Political Theory – The study of classical and contemporary writing on politics, authority, liberty, citizenship, justice, rights, law and civic ethics. Courses to expect for this major include Intro to World Politics, The Individual And the Law, and American Presidency.

Career Options

The particular emphasis of a political science education uniquely prepares one of knowledgeable and effective citizenship at all levels of the political system.
A political science major gives you the basic skills that are adaptable to an ever-changing job market. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields.

  • Attorney
  • City Planner
  • Campaign Operative
  • Corporate Analyst
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Teacher
  • Policy Analysis
  • Emergency Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Archivist, Online Political Data
  • Coordinator of Federal or State Aid
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • International Agency Officer
  • Urban Policy Planner


Finish in Four

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The Finish in Four plans are designed to assist students in an eight semester plan guiding them to graduate within four years. Students may use this as a guide as they plan their undergraduate education, but should adjust it to fit their personal goals.

BA - Political Science
BS - Political Science

Political Science minor is fitting for students interested in issues and ideas about government and politics. This minor expands students’ knowledge, while increasing their way of critical thinking and problem solving. Students may take additional courses that focus on Parties & Interest Groups, Campaigns & Candidacy, and American Foreign Policy.

A minor in Applied Politics offers Political Science majors an opportunity to personalize his or her degree experience. This minor focuses on Political Campaigns & Candidacy; Money, Media & Politics; and Political Lobbying & Grassroots Organizations. Students further have the option to take classes in Marketing, Voting & Elections, Social Media and Elements of Persuasion, among numerous other options.

Political Science Majors who wish to personalize their degree experience, may choose a minor in Environmental Economics, Politics, and Policy. This minor gives students the opportunity to take additional courses that focus on Environmental Impact Analysis, World Population Problems, and Incident Management & Tactical Operations.

Political Science Majors who wish to personalize their degree experience, may choose a minor in Legal Studies. Students may take additional courses that focus Courts & Judicial Process, Topics in Public Law, and Legal Research & Analysis.

Political Science majors who wish to personalize their degree experience may choose a minor in Political Information and Security Analysis. Students may take additional courses that focus on National Security Affairs, International Law, and Politics of the Global Economy.

For minor requirements, please visit the Office of Registrar.


Scholarships are available for prospective freshmen, transfer students, current students and continuing students through the University, College of Arts & Sciences, and respective Departments.

When students complete the OSU admission application, they are automatically considered for the University Level scholarships.

Students are eligible for College Level scholarships within the College of Arts and Sciences after completing 12 hours at OSU. Some exceptions may apply. See specific scholarships for criteria.

The Department of Political Science offers Departmental Level scholarships for elgible students.

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