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The English Department offers an optimal learning space for students by having small-size lecture and discussion courses and an award-winning faculty. Students are able to take a diverse workload from the great books, history of film, teaching English as a second language, women’s literature, fantasy fiction and an array of creative writing courses. Courses to expect for this major include English Grammar, Studies in Linguistics, Language in America and Advanced Fiction Writing.

Career Options

English majors are competitive for any major that requires clear and critical thinking and well-developed speaking and writing skills. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:

  • Secondary Education
  • Higher Education
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Technical Writing
  • Professional Writing
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Peace Corps
  • Public Relations
  • Government Service

Finish in Four

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The Finish in Four plans are designed to assist students in an eight semester plan guiding them to graduate within four years. Students may use this as a guide as they plan their undergraduate education, but should adjust it to fit their personal goals.

BA - English Option - Creative Writing
Option - Pre-Law
Option - Professional Writing
Option - Screen Studies


English study provides students opportunities to understand English language and literature and to read texts critically both as works of art and as reflections of their literary, cultural, and social contexts.

The English minor at OSU helps students read competently, make balanced critical judgments, and write logically, coherently, and persuasively. Developing these skills is excellent preparation for a career in law, administration, business, or teaching.  Students minoring in English may focus on an individual program (Creative Writing, Literature, Rhetoric and Professional Writing, TESL/Linguistics, or Screen Studies) or take a variety of courses across these programs. 

The Linguistics minor is designed to introduce students to the theory and research of language underpinning its use by humans, animals, or machines. The linguistics minor will provide students with background relevant for a wide range of areas, including computational linguistics, native, foreign, and second language education and learning, language and technology, language and the law, communications disorders, language variation and change, studies in discourse and interaction, and communication in a variety of public and institutional settings.

For minor requirements, please visit the Office of Registrar.


Scholarships are available for prospective freshmen, transfer students, current students and continuing students through the University, College of Arts & Sciences, and respective Departments.

When students complete the OSU admission application, they are automatically considered for the University Level scholarships.

Students are eligible for College Level scholarships within the College of Arts and Sciences after completing 12 hours at OSU. Some exceptions may apply. See specific scholarships for criteria.

The English Department offers Departmental Level scholarships for eligible students.

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