Computer Science Online

Computer Science Online


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program helps students develop skills in the design, implementation, and testing of computer programs. This curriculum begins with a strong foundation in an object-oriented programming language to establish good programming practices. Courses provide in-depth instruction in computer systems, data structures, and operating systems. Computer science electives offer opportunities to focus on skills such as computer security, mobile applications, database systems, and more. Students will build a strong mathematical background through Calculus I, II, and III, as well as Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, and Numerical Methods.
Degree requirements for the BS Computer Science online degree are equivalent to the traditional degree program.


Career Opportunities

    Students graduating from OSU’s Computer Science program are hired into various industries including energy, medical software, aeronautical, national defense, financial/banking, computer development, and IT.

Courses Offered Spring 2020

  • CS 1113 (Computer Science I)
  • CS 3443 (Computer Systems)
  • CS 3653 (Discrete Mathematics)
  • CS 4153 (Mobile Apps)

Additional Courses Offered Fall 2020

  • CS 2133 (Computer Science II)
  • CS 2433 (C/C++)
  • CS 3353 (Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis I)
  • CS 4173 (Video Game Development)




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