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Staff Award Winners

The College of Arts and Sciences staff members are exceptional and provide an invaluable foundation to university. CAS annually recognizes staff for outstanding achievement in advising and service supporting the fulfillment of the college’s mission.
staff award plaque

Outstanding Advisor

Candidates include Academic Advisors in any department in the College of Arts and Sciences who demonstrate strong relationships with advisees, support for student activities and organizations, availability to advisees, knowledge of university policies and procedures and academic requirements, and identification and promotion of advises for awards, scholarships, internships, etc.
Advisor Advising

Outstanding Staff

The Outstanding Staff award goes to a full-time staff member who truly gives of themselves to ensure their department’s success; who touches the lives of those they encounter in a positive way.
Outstanding Staff Award winners

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Candidates include Graduate Teaching Assistants (TA) for any course in the College of Arts and Sciences who are are available to students both inside and outside the classroom, communicate effectively, demonstrate passion both for teaching and for their given area of expertise, foster students involvement/participation in the classroom, and provide a healthy classroom environment.
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