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Gaute Vik, Ph.D.

Gaute Vik, Ph.D.

2017 Hall of Fame

Ph.D. Statistics, ’84

Gaute Vik graduated as candidatus realium in applied mathematics from University of Bergen, Norway, in 1978. He was employed by the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, providing studies as basis for the Norwegian Parliament to decide on Defense Structure and long-term budgets. In 1982, he was awarded a fellowship from the Norwegian Government to study at OSU. Dr. Vik Graduated in 1984 with a Ph.D in Statistics. He was inducted to the National dean’s list.


In 1986, he was employed by Teleplan, a Norwegian Telecom Consultant Company and was the head of business outside Norway. Starting with a handful of consultants and a small local staff in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he expanded the business to the surrounding countries and succeeded in 1994 in closing what was recognized as “the largest telecom consultancy contract in the world ever” (Aftenposten and Stavanger Aftenblad, Norwegian newspapers). He continued to expand the activities to Southeast Asia, Europe and U.S. The business was re-organized into a new company with Dr. Vik as CEO and was successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) in 2008. Dr. Vik is presently the Executive Chairman.


Dr. Vik is an eager hunter, angler and enjoys traveling challenges. He travelled through Sahara (1972) together with 3 friends in an old Volkswagen bus before the existence of any roads, and he has been all over the Scandinavian waters with his boat.

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