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Alex M. Bagby

Tim Coburn

2021 Distinguished Alumni

M.S. Statistics '75 

Ph.D. Statistics '80


Dr. Tim Coburn is Professor of Systems Engineering at Colorado State University, focusing on statistics and data analytics in energy and transportation. In this capacity he maintains a research affiliation with the CSU Energy Institute, the Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute at The University of Colorado – Boulder, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo. He also currently serves as Professor of Data Analytics, Interim Chief Data Scientist, and Interim Director of the Advanced Computing & Innovation Center, School of Applied Computational Sciences, Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn.

Previously he was the Director of the School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce at The University of Tulsa, and the Mesa Petroleum Professor of Statistics and Management Science and Director, School of Information Technology and Computing, at Abilene Christian University. He also formerly worked in various technical and administrative roles at Phillips Petroleum, Marathon Oil Company, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and served in externship capacities at Sandia National Laboratory, the US Geological Survey, and the Kansas Geological Survey. He serves on the Energy Statistics Committee of the American Statistical Association and the editorial boards of Natural Resources Research and the Journal of Energy and Management Studies.

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