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Kay Oltmanns Headrick

Kay Oltmanns Headrick

2017 Distinguished Alumni

B.S. Speech Pathology '85

Kay Oltmanns Headrick graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in speech pathology and continued her education at the University of Oklahoma, receiving her Master’s of Science in speech language pathology. During her career, Headrick served as a clinical coordinator at a brain injury hospital, developing cilinial programming for rehabilitation professionals. She has conducted many educational in-services and seminars related to neurogenic communication and cognitive disorders to rehabilitation professionals, patients and families. Headrick has also served as a supervisor to numerous speech language pathology graduate student interns and first year clinicians.


Headrick has recently assisted in the establishment of The LOUD Crowd, a voice maintenance program for individuals with Parkinson Disease. She volunteers weekly as a facilitator for The LOUD Crowd program at the OSU Speech Language Hearing Clinic. Headrick is also involved in the research examining long-term effects of SPEAK OUT and LOUD Crowd on voice, cognition, swallowing and overall quality of life among individuals with Parkinson disease.


Headrick returned to Stillwater in 2010 with her husband, Chris, and their three children, Emily, Rebecca and Seth, all of which are OSU students or graduates.

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