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Gregory Everett

Gregory Everett

2022 Distinguished Alumni

Department of English

Greg Everett graduated from OSU in 1987 with an English degree and earned his MBA from OSU as well in 1989. After working for several organizations in health care services, Greg cofounded Payer Compass and serves as its CEO and president. Greg’s focus with Payer Compass is providing healthcare reimbursement technology solutions that empower employers (self-funded health plans), third-party administrators, and major health plans to more efficiently execute complex reimbursement systems to save health plan dollars. 


Greg has close to 30 years as an employer and employee in the managed care and healthcare software industries, which allowed him to bring together the right technology and the right people for Payer Compass. The company has grown exponentially under Greg’s leadership, starting with just two guys and an idea, to now boasting more than 115 people and 10,000% revenue growth in 10 years. 


Payer Compass is recognized as a market leader in Reference Pricing in the healthcare technology sector. Clients include Stillwater Medical Center, Alliance Resources Group, Kempton Group, Health Solutions Group, Life Care Hospitals, American Airlines in Oklahoma and thousands of other employers and third party TPAs/payers across the U.S. 

When not hard at work, Greg enjoys traveling around the country with his wife — from Florida to California to New York. They call Texas home. 

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