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Fred Regnier, Ph.D.

Fred Regnier, Ph.D.

2017 Distinguished Alumni

Ph.D. Chemistry, '66

Fred Regnier obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Oklahoma State in 1966 under George Waller following post-doctoral training at the University of Chicago and Harvard. Dr. Regnier has been a professor of chemistry at Purdue for 45 years, becoming the J.H. Law Distinguished Professor of Chemistry in 2004. He has published more than 300 peer reviewed papers and wrote 100 book chapters, reviews and trade journal articles. Dr. Regnier has taught graduate level courses, directed 81 students to a Ph.D. and mentored 20 post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists.


Dr. Regnier’s work in his laboratory has been funded continuously by the NIH during his tenure at Purdue, while being awarded 51 patents in multiple aspects of chemistry. Dr. Regnier has co-founded five biotechnology companies based on innovations from his Purdue lab. His largest company is PerSeptive Biosystems with 500 employees. Dr. Regnier also currently serves on the board of directors for three companies and is the CEO of Novilytic.

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