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Frank V. Bright, Ph.D.

Frank V. Bright, Ph.D.

2019 Distinguished Alumni

Ph.D. Chemistry '85

Frank Bright earned his chemistry Ph.D. from OSU in 1985. He is now a State University of New York at Buffalo Distinguished Professor and the Henry M. Woodburn Chair in the department of chemistry at SUNY-Buffalo.


Bright has spent his entire career in academia. His research program has been continually funded by federal and private sources and has been an exciting training ground for over 60 doctoral students and numerous postdoctoral fellows plus an additional 200 undergraduates. His research laboratories have made seminal contributions in areas ranging from chemical sensors and advanced materials to solvation dynamics in supercritical fluids, advanced antifouling coatings, improved wound restitution platforms and quantitative corneal surface-exogenous agent interactions and chemistries. Bright and his team have authored over 300 peer-reviewed articles, and they hold 18 U.S. patents. Bright has delivered nearly 1,000 invited lectures across the globe and he has been recognized with numerous awards and fellowships for scholarship and teaching.


Bright has served on an array of editorial boards, grand review panels and international bodies. He has consulted on topics ranging from laser-based instrument design to nanoscale materials. His spare time is devoted to monitoring and improving fresh-water resourcing and utilization with the ever-expanding human-population pressures.

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