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Elizabeth Hood, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Hood, Ph.D.

2017 Distinguished Alumni

M.S. Botany '80

Dr. Elizabeth Hood graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1980 with a Master’s of Science in botany and continued her education at Washington University in St. Louis obtaining her Ph.D. in plant biology. Dr. Hood has studied plant biology for over 35 years, focusing on the production of enyzmes in bringing reality the ‘biomass to bioproducts’ industry. She has over 80 publications and patents to her name and is a highly sought-after speaker globally.


Dr. Hood worked for Pioneer Hi-Bred International. During her time there, she directed a cell biology group focused on plan production of therapeutic proteins. Her team developed the first commercialized product from a plant production system. She later joined ProdiGene, where she formed and led an internationally recognized transgenic plant group. Dr. Hood joined the Arkansas State University faculty in 2004 as an associate vice chancellor for research and technology transfer. In 2008, she became the Lipscomb Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and is also the CEO of Infinite Enzymes and Infinite Eversole Strategic Crop Services.

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