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Dr. Ron McAfee

Dr. Ron McAfee

2022 Distinguished Alumni

M.A. Psychology

Ron McAfee earned both his bachelor’s and master’s in psychology from OSU. He then entered the United States Air Force, serving three years at Travis Air Force Base Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Fairfield, California. After leaving the Air Force, he earned a Ph.D. from the University of Texas and is a licensed Oklahoma psychologist. 


In 1964, Ron started the Bethany Guidance Center and was promoted to Chief of the Child Guidance Center program in 1966, which was sponsored by the Oklahoma State Health Department. When Ron left OSHD in 1983, every Oklahoma county — 77 total — had a Child Guidance service, compared to just 13 when he started. 


Ron entered private practice in 1983 and then became executive director of Oklahoma Christian Counseling Center. He retired in 1995, but currently serves as board chairman. 


Ron has served as president of the Oklahoma Psychological Association, the National Association of Psychology State Directors, and the Oklahoma Public Health Association. He is a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Psychology Examiners and the Medical Advisory Committee for the Department of Public Safety DWI program. He is president and a member of the Little Light Christian School. 


In 1959, Ron married Marilynn A. Faulkner, an OSU class of ’59 alumna. They were blessed with two sons, who are also OSU graduates. 

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