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Dr. Greg Walton

Dr. Gregory Walton

2022 Distinguished Alumni

Department of Integrative Biology

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Dr. Gregory Walton attended Putnam City High School and then OSU to study chemical engineering with a pre-med option.  


While working a summer after his junior year, Dr. Walton was involved in an oil field explosion. Critically injured, he had to take a year and a half away from his university studies to recover and undergo reconstruction operations. He was later accepted to the OU Medical School — finishing in 1989 — and chose to transfer credits back to OSU to become a CAS graduate as well. 


Dr. Walton took a general surgery residency in Birmingham, Alabama for five years and an additional one-year civilian fellowship for the U.S. Army in Burn and Surgical Critical Care.   


Over a 10-year period, he transitioned from full-time general surgery in Enid, Oklahoma to full-time bariatric surgery, which he has been doing in Oklahoma City since 2006. 


Dr. Walton has been married for 27 years to his wife Traci. They have four children and two grandkids (so far). He volunteers on boards and committees for OSU, OU College of Medicine, and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. 

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