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Dennis Heinzig

Dennis Heinzig

2022 Distinguished Alumni

M.A. Philosophy '87

Dennis Heinzig was born and raised in Oklahoma. He received a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Oklahoma Baptist in 1984 before earning his master’s in philosophy from OSU in 1987. 


Leaving Stillwater for Kansas City, Dennis began his career in accident and health insurance and reinsurance. He started at Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company and was recruited a few years later to Employer's Reinsurance Corporation, a subsidiary of GE Capital. 


In 1994, Dennis joined Aon Corporation in San Francisco to start a joint venture: Presidio Reinsurance Corporation, a managing general underwriter administering reinsurance programs in the managed healthcare sector. While Presidio grew significantly over the next 10 years, Dennis knew the next stage would require more flexibility and autonomy. So, in 2004, the company went private, later bringing in a private equity capital partner to help fund the growth.  


Presidio became the largest reinsurance market in the U.S. managed care sector over the next eight years, which drew the attention of international property and casualty reinsurer PartnerRe. Dennis sold Presidio to PartnerRe in 2012 and became the Chairman and CEO of PartnerRe America Insurance Company.  


In 2016, Dennis retired to the mountains in Whitefish, Montana, where he enjoys spending time with family, the great outdoors, and continuing to study philosophy and depth psychology, which guided his life and career. 

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