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David Waits

David Waits

2015 Distinguished Alumni

M.S. Geography, '88

David Waits graduated from OSU with a Bachelor of Science in Economics ('86) and a Master of Science in Geography ('88). He later earned a doctorate in Land Management from Texas Tech University. He resides in Stillwater and serves as president of the OSU Research Foundation and is chairman of the board of SST Software, the precision agriculture software development firm he founded in 1994.


Waits developed precision agriculture data management concepts and strategies using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing as the Agriculture Program Manager at a NASA Commercialization Center in Mississippi. He returned to OSU in the 1990s where he joined the OSU Department of Geography faculty for five years.


While Waits has earned multiple leadership, innovation and service awards throughout his career, his industry peers recently recognized him with the Precision Agriculture Legacy Award. His career is represented through the success of SST Software as it helps the entire agricultural industry reach new levels.


Waits's charitable efforts have been numerous and he currently serves on several boards, including the OSU Research Foundation, OSU Cowboy Tehcnologies and the OSU Foundation Board of Governors.


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