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Bhaskar Dutta

Bhaskar Dutta

2017 Distinguished Alumni

Ph.D. Physics '95

Bhaskar Dutta is widely known for his impressive academic contributions in various realms of particle physics theory, such as dark matter, collider physics and models. Dutta’s research focuses on the origin of dark matter (DM), establishing the DM connection of particle physics models in various experiments, origin of Matter-anti-Matter asymmetry, neutrino masses and grand unified models. He has published over 150 papers and presented invited talks at more than 100 international conferences. Dutta has received Distinguished Achievement Award for his teaching at Texas A&M and has successfully mentored many students and post-doctoral researchers who have become professors at various universities.  Dutta also initiated a major international workshop entitled “Interconnection between particle physics and cosmology (PPC)” in 2007 at Texas A&M. Dutta was instrumental in creating a new vision for the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M involving combined synergies of astronomers, high energy theorists and experimentalists, and he is currently the interim director of the institute. He has been one of the key proponents of the ongoing Mitchell Institute Neutrino Experiment at Reactor (MINER) at Texas A&M University which aims to measure unraveled properties of neutrinos.

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