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Alonzo Poindexter

Alonzo Poindexter

2015 Distinguished Alumni

'63, Military Studies

Alonzo J. Poindexter graduated from OSU with an Army ROTC commission in January 1963. He was involved in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, inducted into the Scabbard and Blade, and selected to enroll in private flight training his senior year.


In 1983, he retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and began an entrepreneurial career as a Burger King franchisee. He went on to acquire six Burger King franchises in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He serviced as CFO for Rainbow Communications Corp. in Dallas where he was able to achieve a 51 percent of greater rate of minority employment.


Poindexter is an advocate for community service and youth education. He is an active member for several Dallas-related associations and ROTC organizations, including the OSU Alumni ROTC Executive Board.

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