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Greenwood School of Music Audition Information

All students planning to major or minor in music must audition for the music faculty. Students may choose to audition in-person, via Zoom, or by video upload. See below for our official audition dates and additional information for your instrument!

Audition Dates*:

Audition Weekend #1

  • Friday, January 28, 2022
  • Saturday, January 29, 2022

Piano Audition & Competition

  • Saturday, February 5, 2022

Audition Weekend #2 

  • Friday, February 25, 2022
  • Saturday, February 26, 2022

*Bassoon Auditions: In-person auditions will only take place on Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26.

*Horn Auditions: There will be no in-person horn auditions on Saturday, January 29.

*Piano Auditions: In-person piano auditions will be held on Saturday, February 5 and Friday, February 25. Those who are auditioning via Zoom or video audition will be contacted by piano faculty for dates and deadlines.

*String Auditions: In-person string auditions will only take place on Friday, January 28 and Saturday, February 26 (no cellists). String students who submit a video audition will be asked to take part in a Zoom interview on Friday, February 25. 

*Tuba/Euphonium Auditions: There will be no tuba or euphonium auditions on Saturday, February 26th.


If you are not able to attend our official audition dates, you may request a separate audition date through our audition form.

Step One: Apply to the University

Students must apply to the University before they can schedule an audition with the Greenwood School of Music. Click below to begin the undergraduate admissions process:

Undergraduate Students


Click below to start the graduate admissions process:

Graduate Students


Step Two: Complete the Audition Form

To schedule an audition, students will need to complete the Greenwood School of Music Audition Request Form. If you are an undergraduate student, you can click the link below to get started:

Undergraduate Audition Form


If you are a graduate student, click below to start your audition form:

Graduate Audition Form


Step Three: Audition

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your audition form. This email will let you know when to expect your audition time and will give you specific information on the theory placement exam (undergraduate students only).


Undergraduate students will take a theory placement exam the day of your audition. Students who are auditioning via Zoom or video upload will take their placement exam via a proctored Zoom link. The exam will determine which theory course will best fit your skill level and does not affect your acceptance into the School of Music. You can take the test up to two times during your audition day. You will also be allowed to retake the test in May if you are not satisfied with  you​r original scores.


To view the audition requirements for your instrument, click below:

Audition Repertoire


For priority scholarship consideration, undergraduate students must complete their audition by March 1st. This includes in-person, virtual, and video auditions.'


Video Audition Requirements

Music Majors and Minors

Videos must be at least 5 minutes for music major or music minor consideration. Please be sure to include full takes of pieces, as detailed in the  repertoire list. If you have questions about the video audition, please contact


Cowboy Marching Band

Videos should be 3-5 minutes in length for those auditioning only for the Cowboy Marching Band. Your audition should demonstrate both lyrical and technical abilities as a player. Some appropriate suggestions, but not requirements, may include regional or state audition music, etudes, band music, or solo and ensemble repertoire.


Video Format

Please use the following format to create a file name for your video: (example: PistolPete.clarinet.01.23.22)


When you begin your video state:

  • Full name
  • Where you are from (example - Pistol Pete High School, Stillwater, Oklahoma)
  • Why you are interested in music and/or the Cowboy Marching Band
  • What piece(s) you will be playing

Please send a link to your YouTube video to Please be sure to set the visibility to “Unlisted” on your videos when you upload it to YouTube. If they are set to private, we will not be able to view your audition videos.

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