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Two-day virtual workshops for teachers to help you connect the geosciences to your Middle and High School Science Classrooms.

Waitlist for Workshop 1

Workshop 1:  Oil, Gas and Halliburton with Dr. Jim Puckette July 19 and 20,  9am - 12pm Learn about rock properties that support deposits of natural resources.  topics to be covered includes porosity and permeability of rocks.  Learn digital tools for the teaching and learning of these subjects.    

Waitlist for Workshop 2

Workshop  2: Geophysics with Dr. Ahmed Ismail July 22 and 23, 1pm - 4pm In this workshop, you will use mathematics and physics to study earth, find earth's resources, learn how earthquakes happen, learn about ground shaking and seismic waves, find location and depth of earthquakes and detect ground shaking with your phone.

Waitlist for Workshop 3

Workshop  3:  Oceans and Climate with Dr. Tracy Quan July 26 and 27,  1pm - 4pm This workshop will explore the connections between the oceans, climate and energy resources, with an emphasis on chemical and biochemical aspects.  Participants will be introduced to the basics  of ocean circulation, productivity, paleoceanography and the impacts of climate change via data-centered activities, experiments and group discussions. 

Waitlist for Workshop 4

Workshop  4: Groundwater and Aquifers with Dr. Jim Puckette July 29 and 30,  9am-12pm Learn about where your water comes from.  Participants will learn about water chemistry and measurement techniques.  Participants will gain skills in using data and spreadsheets to better understand groundwater and aquifers.


Sponsored  by Oklahoma state University's Boone Pickens School of Geology, the Center for Researach on STEM Teaching and learning@ OSU and Halliburton.
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