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Religious Studies Minor

The field of Religious Studies involves the study of religious beliefs, literature, imagery and practices around the world. Special attention is given to the historical bases of world religions as well as their effects upon present-day societies in both the East and West. Those looking for careers in ministry, international relations, journalism, music or art curatorships, NGO's or even the oil industry can benefit from a background in Religious Studies.


The Religious Studies minor is designed for students who are interested in world religions, biblical studies, religious thought, and religion and culture. Courses are open to all students without regard to personal views or affiliations. No attempt is made to promote (or discredit) a particular view, but rather to better understand the complexity of each religion. Emphasis is placed on the objective analysis of religion rather than the practice of a particular form of religion.



Required courses (6 credit hours):

  • REL 1103: Introduction to World Religion (HI) 
  • REL 2013: Hebrew Scriptures (H)
  • or REL 2023: The New Testament and Its Study (H) 
  • or HIST 2343: Religion in America (DH) 

To complete the minor, students must complete 3 hours of upper-division non-Western religion courses from either the history or philosophy department. Students must also complete an additional 9 hours of upper-division courses, 6 of which must be REL. Other courses can come from CAS departments including art, English, history, philosophy, political science and sociology. 


For a full list of courses that fit the requirements, click here

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