Department Heads

 Department Department Head Phone Office Assistant Fax
Department Art, Graphic Design & Art History Dept. Head Rebecca Brienen Phone 405-744-9089 Office 108 BC Assistant Traci Strah Fax 405-744-5767
Department Chemistry Dept. Head Nick Materer Phone 405-744-9047 Office 107 PS Assistant Elaina Wright Fax 405-744-6007
Department Communication Sciences & Disorders Dept. Head Ramesh Kaipa Phone 405-744-7226 Office 042 MUR Assistant Bonnie Sarhan Fax 405-744-8070
Department Computer Science Dept. Head K.M. George Phone 405-744-5221 Office 219 MS Assistant Beau Smith Fax 405-744-9097
Department English Dept. Head William Decker Phone 405-744-9474 Office 205 MOR Assistant JuDean Howerton Fax 405-744-6326
Department Geography Dept. Head Alyson Greiner Phone 405-744-6250 Office 337 MUR Assistant Mayra Plascencia Fax 405-744-5620
Department Boone Pickens School of Geology Dept. Head Camelia Knapp Phone 405-744-7985 Office 105 NRC Assistant Sandy Earls Fax 405-744-7841
Department History Dept. Head Jason Lavery (Interim) Phone 405-744-8182 Office 101 MUR Assistant Susan Oliver Fax 405-744-5400
Department Integrative Biology Dept. Head Bruce Waldman Phone 405-744-5555 Office 501 LSW Assistant Gertie Mulder Fax  
Department Languages & Literatures Dept. Head Karin Schestokat Phone 405-744-4528 Office 102 GU Assistant Megan Robinson Fax
Department Mathematics Dept. Head Christopher Francisco Phone 405-744-5688 Office 401 MS Assistant Angie McFarlin Fax 405-744-8275
Department School of Media & Strategic Communications Dept. Head Craig Freeman Phone 405-744-6354 Office 206 JB Assistant Melissa Coldiron Fax 405-744-7104
Department Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Dept. Head Tyrrell Conway Phone 405-744-7180 Office 307 LSE Assistant Becky Hergenreder Fax 405-744-6790
Department Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music Dept. Head Howard Potter Phone 405-744-8997 Office 132 SCPA Assistant Janet Lawson Fax 405-744-9324
Department Philosophy Dept. Head Scott Gelfand Phone 405-744-9238 Office 246 MUR Assistant Sarah Mutschelknaus Fax 405-744-4635
Department Physics Dept. Head David McIlroy Phone 405-744-2737 Office 145 PS Assistant Susan Cantrell Fax 405-744-6811
Department Plant Biology, Ecology & Evolution Dept. Head Andrew Doust
Phone 405-744-2544 Office 301 PS Assistant Destiny Goree Fax 405-744-5559
Department Political Science Dept. Head Farida Jalalzai Phone 405-744-5569 Office 201 MUR Assistant Cindy Hutchinson Fax 405-744-6534
Department Psychology Dept. Head Thad Leffingwell Phone 405-744-6027 Office 116 NM Assistant Marilyn Holmquist Fax 405-744-8067
Department Sociology Dept. Head Sharon Bird Phone 405-744-6105 Office 431 MUR Assistant Barbie Teel Fax 405-744-5780
Department Statistics Dept. Head Mark Payton Phone 405-744-5684 Office 301 MS Assistant Brenda Kindschi Fax 405-744-3533
Department Theatre Dept. Head Lloyd Caldwell (interim) Phone 405-744-2940 Office 121 SCPA Assistant James Field Fax  
Department Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) Dept. Head Benjamin Dahlke Phone 405-744-7744 Office 320 THR Assistant Mendi Cronister Fax 405-744-7342
Department Military Science (Army ROTC) Dept. Head Dave Hosler Phone 405-744-1775 Office 312 THR Assistant Kristy Jones Fax 405-744-6677