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The Wolves

by Sara DeLappe, October 7-10, 2021
An indoor soccer team tackles global issues and personal struggles during warm ups for weekly games in this Pulitzer Prize nominated play.  It features contemporary, lightning-fast dialogue, an all female cast, and celebrates the unique highs and lows young woman experience as they cross the threshold from child to adult. Can these lone wolves come together as a pack after their team suffers a tragedy?  Can these unique individuals find strength, comfort, and unity as a team? 
The Wolves

The Crucible

by Arthur Miller, November 18-21, 2021
The 1953 Tony Award winning play, is reimagined in a modern, high-concept production. In the secluded Puritan community of 1692 Salem Village, Massachusetts, the staunchly religious citizens of Salem suspect that the devil may have recruited members of the village to witchcraft, a crime punishable by death. As long-held grudges turn to violent disputes, humiliating secrets are exposed, and the line between truth and pretense becomes increasingly blurry, everyone becomes a suspect and no one is safe.
The Crucible

Winter Dance Concert 
Red Earth, Frozen Rain

Choreographed by Emma Draves, January 29-30, 2022
This season’s Winter Dance Concert takes thematic inspiration from our connections to the beauty of Oklahoma’s natural spaces. Premiering new works choreographed by students and our own Director of Dance Emma Draves, the dance program looks forward to welcoming OSU and the Stillwater community into our cozy studio performance space for this delightful winter showcase. 
Dance Earth Wind

Intimate Apparel

by Lynn Nottage, February 24-27, 2022
The year is 1905, the place is New York City in Lower Manhattan. Esther Mills, a Black woman seamstress who lives in a boarding house, makes lingerie for the wealthy women uptown and the ladies of the night downtown. She is looking for love. How far will she go? What price is she willing to pay?
Intimate Apparel

The Wedding Singer (the musical)

Book by Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy, April 21-24, 2022
It’s 1985, and rock star wannabe, Robbie Hart, is New Jersey’s favorite wedding singer. He’s the life of the party until his own fiancée leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own. Enter Julia, a winsome waitress who wins his affection. As luck would have it, Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street shark, and, unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.
The Wedding Singer

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