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Commutative Algebra Research Group

The commutative algebra group at OSU studies ideals in polynomial rings over a field. We are especially interested in combinatorial commutative algebra, a relatively new area in which researchers use tools from combinatorics to answer questions in algebra and vice versa. Our work often focuses on monomial ideals, articularly understanding their free resolutions.


  • Christopher Francisco

    Ph.D., Cornell University, 2004; B.S., University of Illinois (Urbana), 1999.

    Combinatorial commutative algebra and computational algebra. I am particularly interested in problems involving monomial ideals and their algebraic and combinatorial interpretations.

  • Jeffrey Mermin

    B.S., Duke University, 2000; Ph.D., Cornell University, 2006.

  • Jay Schweig

    B.S., George Mason University; M.S./Ph.D., Cornell University, 2008.

    My research is in the field of algebraic and geometric combinatorics, and I am especially interested in posets, matroids, Borel ideals, and graph theory.

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