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All lectures will take place at SSH 035, which is a large auditorium equipped with three projectors and corresponding screens, computer, microphone, laser pointer/clicker, etc. We strongly encourage all speakers to prepare a talk that can be presented via projector. This includes not only a standard computer (beamer/tex) based presentation, but also a possibility of writing on a device with an active screen like iPad, or even using a document camera projection. You are welcome to use your own device with an HDMI port (or with an adaptor that gives a standard HDMI output). 


Speakers may use the file beamer-template.tex to create the full screen output

that better fits FHD resolution screens/projectors (1920 × 1080 resolution). It

produces wider slides with more useful space for mathematics, and helps to avoid

black fields on the left and right that are produced by the default beamer style.


The location of the lecture hall is at the lower level (basement) of the Social Sciences and Humanities building (SSH) on the OSU campus. You can see the conference map, as well as the complete OSU campus map my clicking below.


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