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Housing Information

We recommend the following two housing options:

1. Interested participants can make a direct reservation with The Atherton Hotel. Let your reservation agent know you are attending the EAD Conference and you will be eligible to pay the state rate of $96 per night. The Atherton Hotel is on campus, in close vicinity of the conference venue and a premier Stillwater hotel.


2. On-campus housing is available for six nights (Sunday-Saturday) in Village C. The standard room has 1 bed and 1 bath. Please make a special request if you want to share a room with another participant as there are 2 bed/1 bath rooms available. Each bedroom has a full size bed and mattress with sheets and pillow, desk, desk chair, and dresser. The Village offers shared spaces on each floor with study rooms, kitchens, and a laundry facility. Both Ethernet and WiFi connections are available, and WiFi access includes the standard EDUROAM network.


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Travel Information

The best way to reach Stillwater is by flying to the local airport SWO with American Airlines. Other options include flights to Oklahoma City (OKC airport) and Tulsa (TUL airport), but in the latter cases additional travel to Stillwater will take at least an hour and a half.

Food Information

For a list of local places to eat near campus, click here.

Local Information

Stillwater offers a unique combination of activities and celebrations — perfect for families, students or visitors.


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