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Undergraduate Resources

Resources and FAQs for History undergraduates. 

Undergraduate Handbook

Undergraduate Handbook (PDF) 

Enrollment Advising Form (PDF)


Select information on Enrollment Advising from the Handbook:  Visit the Registrar's Website to see all the details about enrollment. 

  1. Plan Ahead. Ahead of meeting with your advisor before your enrollment date, review your degree sheet and all the requirements of your major. Use this, along with the course listings online, to prepare a proposed schedule with specific courses for next semester. For students who have completed 90 hours, you can download your most recent Grad Check and Degree Sheets via STAR (under Reports).
    • From the Student Self-Service page on Banner, you can check for holds, check your enrollment date, view general education courses, and view available courses and times. This is also where you’ll officially register after your advising meeting.
    • Fill out a proposed Enrollment Advising Form before coming to your advising meeting.
  2. Schedule Your Appointment. You should meet with your advisor in the weeks before your enrollment date, making an appointment via STAR
    • Make note of the purpose of our meeting in the STAR notes: indicate “enrollment.”
    • Schedule these meetings as far in advance as possible.
    • If you cannot make your appointment, cancel via STAR as soon as possible, so that another student may be able to take your spot. If you are late to your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.
    • If you are unable to meet in person for any reason, please email me to arrange an alternate means by which we can touch base to confirm your schedule and lift your registration hold.


Frequently Asked Questions


Campus Resources 

Oklahoma State University offers an incredible number of resources to help you succeed. Please consider utilizing some of these services as needed:

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