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Make your transcript stand out! Adding a minor like History or Ancient and Medieval Studies can signal to prospective employers your cultural literacy and critical thinking skills. 


The History minor requires 18 credit hours of HIST prefix courses, of which 12 hours must be upper-division (3000 or 4000 level). Students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 in History courses with no HIST grade below a "C". A minimum of 6 hours must be earned in residence at OSU. View the course catalog here!

Ancient and Medieval Studies

The Ancient and Medieval Studies minor requires 18 credit hours, of which 12 hours must be upper-division (3000 or 4000 level). Students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 in History courses with no HIST grade below a "C". A minimum of 6 hours must be earned in residence at OSU. Students must select credit hours from at least 3 disciplinary areas. 

  • Ancient and Medieval Studies Course Options
    • ART 1503 Art History Survey I (H)
    • ART 3713 Early Medieval Art: Saints, Martyrs, Pagans (H)
    • ART 3603 History of Classical Art (H)
    • ART 3723 Court and Cloister: Medieval Art 1050-1400 (H)
    • ART 4583 Rome: The Eternal City in Art and Film (H)
    • ART 4693 Gender and Visual Culture
    • ENGL 2543 Survey of British Literature I (H)
    • ENGL 3123 Mythology (H)
    • ENGL 3163 World Literature I (H)
    • ENGL 4003 History of the English Language
    • ENGL 4100 Studies in Medieval British Lit
    • ENGL 4223 Introduction to Old English
    • ENGL 4600 Studies in Chaucer or Milton
    • ENGL 4700 Single Author or Work Pre-1800
    • GREK 1713 Elementary Classical Greek I
    • GREK 1813 Elementary Classical Greek II
    • GREK 2713 Elementary Classical Greek III
    • GREK 2813 Intermediate Readings
    • GREK 3330 Advanced Readings
    • GREK 4113 - Greek Literature in Translation (H)
    • HIST 1613 Western Civilization to 1500 (H)
    • HIST 1713 Survey of Eastern Civilization (H)
    • HIST 1813 World History from Ancient Times to 1500 (H)
    • HIST 3013 Ancient Egypt and Israel (H)
    • HIST 3023 Ancient Greece (H)
    • HIST 3033 Ancient Rome (H)
    • HIST 3043 Ancient Mesopotamia: Iraq, Iran & Syria from 4000-333 B.C. (H)
    • HIST 3203 The Medieval World, 500-1500 (H)
    • HIST 3233 Late Medieval World, 1000-1450 (H)
    • HIST 3373 Invasion and Identity: The Medieval English World: 700-1400 (H)
    • HIST 3503 Medieval Islamic History (H)
    • HIST 3573 The Mongol Empire (H)
    • HIST 3980 Studies in History (must be “Religion & Mythology”)
    • HIST 4403 Sorcerers, Saints and Heretics: Religion in the Medieval World (H)
    • HIST 4413 Sex and Gender in the Medieval World (H)
    • HONR 2413 The Ancient World (H)
    • HONR 2423 The Middle Ages and Renaissance (H)
    • LATN 1713 Elementary Latin I
    • LATN 1813 Elementary Latin II
    • LATN 2713 Elementary Latin III
    • LATN 2813Intermediate Readings
    • LATN 3123 - Classical Mythology (H)
    • LATN 3223 - Love and Hate in Greece and Rome (H)
    • LATN 3330 Advanced Readings in Latin
    • LATN 4113 - Latin Literature in Translation (H)
    • REL 2013 Hebrew Scriptures (H)
    • REL 2023 The New Testament and Its Study (H)
    • REL 3223 The Teachings of Jesus in Historical Context (H)
    • REL 3243 Paul and the Early Church (H)
    • REL 4413 Classic Christian Writings
    • *Other courses that are at least 50% focused on the Ancient World or Middle Ages may be counted with advisor approval

Learn more about Ancient and Medieval Studies at Oklahoma State University here


Additional Languages 

History majors should consider adding a minor in an additional languages. The study of languages goes hand-in-hand with the study of history, and studying foreign languages fosters listening skills, enhances memory, and expands one's world view.


History students considering graduate school should especially consider adding a minor in an additional languages. Not only will it help make you a better historian, but most graduate programs in history require foreign language proficiency examinations.


Students interested in the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honors society will need to complete at least the first 12 hours of a modern or classical language in order to be considered. 


Visit the Department of Languages and Literatures website to learn more about foreign languages at OSU. 

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