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A close shot of a woman smiling with gold dangle earrings and brown fringe bangs.

Janna "Jai" Rogers

Advisor: Brian Hosmer
Research Interests: U.S. History through the lens of Race and Ethnicity


Janna Rogers is a decolonization scholar. She is also a cultural and public historian. Her doctoral research is deeply rooted in the racial transcendence of the ideology of white supremacy in addition to NAGPRA as race work; repatriation of Indigenous dead as trauma work; cultural resource management; museology, and historic preservation. As a professional historian her work involves cemetery rehabilitation and public history. As a public historian her work in museum collection management incorporates plural narratives and multi-ethnic histories. 

MA Thesis: "Decolonizing Cherokee History 1790-1830s: American Indian Holocaust, Genocidal Resistance, and Survival"

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