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Doctor of Philosophy in History



In addition to fulfillment of the general requirements of the Graduate College, admission to doctoral study in history is based upon the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee to the Head of the department.

A Master of Arts degree is required for admission into the Ph.D. program. Preference will be given to applicants who hold an M.A. in history and have completed a thesis. The Graduate Studies Committee will consider other applications on an individual basis. Students with insufficient hours in history may be required by the Graduate Studies Committee to take additional hours at the 5000/6000 level. Students should already have made progress toward proficiency in a foreign language before seeking admission. The Graduate Studies Committee will give preference to applicants with an overall grade point average of 3.5 or above in their M.A. program. For more information about application requirements:


How to Apply


Fields of Study

The Ph.D. program requires at least sixty hours beyond the M.A. degree.  Students must, in consultation with their Advisory Committee, select three fields of study – a major field (at least twelve credits), and two minor fields (at least six credits each), with at least one of the three fields representing a geographic field, from the options shown below. To be admitted to candidacy, students must pass comprehensive examinations, demonstrate a reading knowledge of one foreign language, have an approved dissertation proposal, and submit a Plan of Study to the Graduate College before writing a dissertation. All Ph.D. students must take Historiography (HIST 6023), Teaching History at the College Level (HIST 5021), and at least 36 total coursework hours, not counting Historiography, Teaching History at the College Level, or Methods, if the latter is required. This means that, because the major and minor fields require 24 credits total, students must take twelve hours of electives (which can overlap with the major and minor fields), in order to get to the required 36 coursework hours. Students must take at least eighteen hours of seminar, including at least three hours of research seminar. HIST 6100, HIST 6130, and internships do not qualify as seminars. Students without an M.A. thesis must take Historical Methods (HIST 5023).  With the consent of their Advisory Committee, students may apply graduate course work taken outside the History Department to their major or minor fields. 

Major Field (12 Credits) 

Minor Field (6 Credits) 

Minor Field (6 Credits) 

Electives (12 credits) 

Students must pick at least one geographically focused field 


Major Fields:  

United States 

Native American and Indigenous 



Public History 

Minor Fields:  

Native American and Indigenous 

Health and Environment  


Women and Gender  

War and Society  

Race and Ethnicity 

Public History 

United States 


Ancient World 

United States West  

Middle East  


Latin America 


For complete information on comprehensive exams, assistantships, and other program requirements, please see our Graduate Student Handbook.
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