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Dr. Matthew Schauer

Assistant Professor

150 SSH

Spring 2021 Office Hours

Virtual office hours via Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 1-2:30 pm, or by appointment


Modern Europe (Modern Britain Focus); Global Empires (Modern Britain Focus); History of Anthropology



Prof. Schauer's research focuses on the exchange of imperial knowledge across colonial boundaries in Southeast Asia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His book project, tentatively titled: Shaping Imperial Subjects: Social Engineering, Exchange, and Ethnology in British Malaya examines how administrators in British Malaya used amateur ethnological knowledge and policy models from adjacent colonies to inform their imperial educational policies. These educational systems were used in Malaya as part of larger programs of social engineering that the British hoped would help the colony achieve increased economic growth and political stability. His project covers topics such as:  colonial museums, Western domestic education for Malay girls, imperial ideas concerning public health and nutrition, linguistic training,  agricultural education, and conceptions of "native heritage" in handiworks education.


Beyond his book project, he is working on a project examining the exportation of domesticity to Sudan during Samuel Baker’s expeditions in the late 19th century, and another on natural specimen collectors/animal trappers in the British Empire.


Courses Taught:

HIST 1623 History of  Western Civilization
HIST 2023 History of the Present
HIST 2223 Modern World Survey
HIST 3393 Modern England
HIST 3473 British Empire/Commonwealth
HIST 3123 Modern Africa
HIST 3523 History of Modern South Asia
HIST 3333 History of the Second World War

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