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Dr. Matthew Pereira

Teaching Assistant Professor in Religious Studies

Ph.D., Columbia University
160 SSH


My approach to teaching Religious Studies is animated and impassioned by the belief that religion does not exists in a sealed box or any particular corner. Religion and “being religious” – in all of its complexity and variance – permeates our everyday lives at the centers and peripheries, where it may be discovered in our communities, cultures and arts, sports and bodies, music and movies, politics, laws, economics, foods and traditions. I am passionate about cultivating within myself and students the discipline of critical listening that leads to greater understanding of one another by reflecting upon the practices, rituals and beliefs that orientate and bind people together – both past and present – throughout the world and within our own communities.


Courses Taught

REL 1103.62664 Introduction to World Religions (HI)
REL 1103.62665 Introduction to World Religions (HI)
REL 4033.62666 American Christianity through the Colonial Period (H)

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