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Dr. Douglas Miller

Associate Professor

112 SSH

Spring 2021 Office Hours

Virtual office hours by appointment only



Native North America; Modern U.S. History; Mass Incarceration; Settler Custodialism



My research focuses on Native American urbanity, mobility, and work in the twentieth century. My first book, Indians on the Move: Native American Mobility and Urbanization in the Twentieth Century (University of North Carolina Press, 2019), discusses how and why Native American peoples moved to major cities for work, social, and education opportunities during the twentieth century. I have two new book projects underway. “Washita Love Child: The Life and Times of Jesse Ed Davis” is about the legendary Native American rock guitarist who played with Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and three of The Beatles, among others, in a remarkable life and career. The second, “Incarcerated Indians: From Prisoners of Wars to Prisoners of Carceral States,” discusses Native American incarceration, recidivism, homelessness, and prison activism from the colonial period to the present. A preview chapter from this latter project, titled “The Spider’s Web: Mass Incarceration and Settler Custodialism in Indian Country,” appeared in the edited volume Caging Borders and Carceral States: Incarcerations, Immigration Detentions, and Resistance (University of North Carolina Press, 2019). Prior to joining OSU in fall 2015, I served a postdoctoral research fellowship at Southern Methodist University's Clements Center for Southwest Studies. I teach courses in Native American history, US history, and history through music and film.


Courses  Taught

HIST 1103 – Survey of American History
HIST 2013 – Introduction to the Study of History 
HIST 3793 – Native American History
HIST 3683 – U.S. History Since 1945
HIST 3980 – U.S. History in 15 Songs 
HIST 4453 – History & Film: Native American History 
HIST 5120 – U.S. Since 1945 Readings Seminar 
HIST 5220 – Native American Research Seminar 



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