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Laura Arata

Associate Professor
Public History, American West, Nineteenth-Century US

Richard Boles

Assistant Professor
Early North America, Religion in America, Race and Ethnicity 

Thomas Carlson

Associate Professor
Medieval Middle East, Muslim-Christian Relations, Islamization

David D'Andrea

Early Modern Europe, Italy, 

Yongtao Du

Associate Professor

Jared Eberle

Native North America, Modern US, Activism

Merle Eisenberg

Assistant Professor
Medieval and Ancient, Diseases & Pandemics, Environmental

Sarah Foss

Assistant Professor
Modern Latin America, Indigenous History, Global Cold War

Mette Flynt

Assistant Professor
Public History, Environmental History, North American

Emily Graham

Associate Professor
Medieval, Religion, Gender

David Gray

Teaching Assistant Professor
Work and Society, American Studies, Business and

Sarah Griswold

Assistant Professor
Modern France, Museums and Heritage Policy, Race and 

 Brian Hosmer

Professor and Department Head
American West, Native American and Indigenous, Public History

Tom Jorsch

Teaching Assistant Professor
Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Radical Politics, Truth and Reconciliation

Rebecca Kaplan

Assistant Professor
Modern US, Public Health, Animals and the 

Holly Karibo

Associate Professor
Modern US, Borderlands, Women and Gender

 John Kinder

Associate Professor
American Studies, War and Society, Bodies and Animals in American Culture

Greg Kosc

American West, African American, Transnational

Kallie Kosc

Assistant Professor
Native North America, Women and Gender, Nineteenth-Century 

Jason Lavery

Regents Professor
Early Modern Europe, Germany,  

Ry Marcattilio-McCracken

Adjunct Instructor
American History, History of Science, Technology, and 

Douglas Miller

Associate Professor
Native North America, Twentieth-Century US, Popular and Unpopular Music

Jennifer Murray

Teaching Associate Professor
Military History, American Civil War, Nineteenth-Century US

Matthew Pereira

Teaching Assistant Professor
History of Christianity, Religious Studies, Late

Justin Prince

Military History, Nineteenth-Century US, Twentieth-Century 

 Matthew Schauer

Assistant Professor
Modern British Empire, Global Imperialism, History of Anthropology and 

Tonia Sharlach

Ancient, Economic History, History of 

Brandy Thomas Wells

Assistant Professor
United States, African American History, Women and 


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