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Tao Hu

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography
324 Social Science & Humanities



I have broad research interests related to place and space, including geospatial big data analytics, environmental health, mental health, infectious disease, geotagged social media, human movement, and urban crimes. 
My recent research primarily focuses on pandemic studies with aspects of health inequality, human activity, and public opinion using multi-source geospatial big data. For example, estimating racial segregation of minority groups and disparities in testing site access, exploring human mobility trends across different land uses using geotagged tweets and remote sensing images, and revealing national-wide public opinions on COVID-19 vaccine via big social media data. I am also interested in building open data sharing and management platforms to promote disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research.  For instance, currently, I am building an Open Data Repository to share health-related data to enhance the capability of fighting current and future pandemics.   
I am also passionate about frontier techniques in GIS, such as Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI) and high-performance geocomputing. How to apply emerging techniques to solve GIS problems is always a promising and challenging topic. In my future work, I hope to integrate deep learning models with multi-source geospatial data to facilitate my research topics.   
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