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Saber Brasher

Saber E. Brasher

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography
316 Social Sciences & Humanities


I am a climate scientist and physical geographer interested in how changes in surface cover influence climate, and synergistically how climate change modifies the surface cover of the planet. Specifically, I have studied snow cover and sea ice, as both are influencers (and responders) to climate change via their importance to the planet's radiation balance. 


I have also studied how changing weather and climate regimes influence streamflow, impact flooding and drought events, and how well different agricultural methods for calculating evapotranspiration perform under varying atmospheric conditions, and I am actively learning more about the local climate of Oklahoma and surrounding areas.


Simply, I would label myself a "Hydroclimatologist", as I am interested in most things pertaining to climate and water. My research methods are quantitative, typically written in the "R" programming language, and techniques vary depending on the research question of interest. 


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