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Resource Management Plans

The Resource Management Plan (RMP) program and policy is to document management responsibilities to balance the use of water and land resources as they relate to recreation in Oklahoma's state parks. As a guiding plan, the RMP seeks to propose long-term policy that limits adverse impacts to critical resources while providing protection and management of fish, wildlife, and other natural and cultural resources. In addition, the RMP will provide guidelines for public health and safety, public access, and a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.


The purpose and scope of the RMP are to provide background information, identify the policies and goals governing the management of state parks and their incorporated resources, summarize the plan’s components, and provide descriptive and historical information related to the project. The ultimate purpose of the RMP is to establish a management framework for the conservation, protection, enhancement, development and use of the physical and biological resources at state parks in Oklahoma.

Completed Resource Management Plans (RMP) under the supervision of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department:


• Alabaster Caverns State Park (2015)
• Beavers Bend State Park (2020)
• Black Mesa State Park and Preserve (2015)
• Boiling Springs State Park (2015)
• Cherokee Landing State Park (2017)
• Clayton Lake State Park (2019)
• Fort Cobb State Park (2015)
• Foss State Park (2015)
• Gloss Mountains State Park (2013)
• Grand Lake State Park (2013)
• Great Plains State Park (2016)
• Great Salt Plains State Park (2014)
• Greenleaf State Park (2018)
• Heavener Runestone State Park (2010)
• Keystone Ancient Forest Preserve (2011)
• Keystone State Park (2013)
• Lake Eucha State Park (2008)
• Lake Eufaula State Park (2019)
• Lake Murray State Park (2020)
• Lake Texoma State Park (2017)
• Lake Thunderbird State Park (2019)
• Lake Wister State Park (2013)
• Little Sahara State Park (2015)
• McGee Creek State Park (2019)
• Natural Falls State Park (2019)
• Okmulgee and Dripping Springs State Parks (2014)
• Osage Hills State Park (2014)
• Raymond Gary State Park (2019)
• Red Rock Canyon State Park (2015)
• Robbers Cave State Park (2016)
• Roman Nose State Park (2019)
• Sequoyah Bay State Park (2013)
• Sequoyah State Park (2013)
• Talimena State Park (2013)
• Tenkiller State Park (2014)
• Walnut Creek State Park (2013)

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