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faculty member Rafiq Islam

Rafiq Islam

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Geography
369 Social Sciences & Humanities




I obtained my Ph.D. in Geography from Kent State University in 2020. My undergraduate and master's degrees are from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before coming to OSU, I worked as an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Geography and Earth Science at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.


My research focuses on using a synoptic climatological approach to the most important tropical climate systems (e.g., monsoon). My research explicitly incorporates the self-organizing maps (SOMs) technique to understand the monsoon system's evolution (e.g., seasonal delineation, onset declaration, and monsoon mechanism). Future research will include using the synoptic approach to understand the genesis of tropical cyclones, monsoon depressions, and local storms.


Currently, I am teaching a wide variety of courses, including climate change humanity, climatology, climate change past, present and future, meteorology, and physical geography. I am also serving as a coordinator of the physical geography general education course.

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