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MS Students

T.M. Junaid Bashar

BURP, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, 2019

Interests: Application of GIS and Remote Sensing, Urban Geography

Sanchita Budhathoki

BS, Tribhuvan, 2020

Interests: Remote Sensing, Land Use Land Cover Change, Climate Change

Kira Ehrnsberger

B.S., Ohio University, 2021

Interests: Cultural and Historical Geography

Joseph Frimel

B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia, 2021

Interests: Ethnogeography, Geopolitics, Language Geography, Eastern Europe, Latvia, Russia

Stephanie Grace

B.S., Oklahoma State University, 2020

Interests: Water Geography, Geography Education Efforts

Emmanuel Kumi

B.S., University of Cape Coast, 2020

Interests: Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Mark Mahar

B.S., University of Central Arkansas, 2018

Interests: Cultural Identity, Reactions to Changes in Cultural Landscapes, Perception of Place

Emma Riddle

B.S., Wheaton College (IL), 2021

Interests: human-environment interactions, environmental justice, political ecology

Admas Siyoum

M.S., Oklahoma State University, 2019

Interests: GIS, Spatial Data Science

Katrina Ward

B.F.A., University of Oklahoma,

Interests: Human Geography, Cultural Geography, Carceral Geography



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