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Hongbo Yu

Hongbo Yu

Associate Professor & GIS Certificate Coordinator

Department of Geography
323 Social Sciences & Humanities


My research areas include transportation geography, time geography, geographic information systems and science, and their applications. My research mainly focuses on incorporating the time-geography framework in various transportation studies, investigating how people’s daily spatial and temporal constraints intertwine to affect their movements and interactions with others and the living environment in today’s society.


GIS is closely integrated into my research approach to support the implementation of the theoretical framework and the corresponding spatiotemporal analyses. The research framework has been used to study individuals’ activity patterns in a city, urban dynamics, accessibility to transportation facilities, gender difference in accessing employment opportunities, and other related issues. 


I enjoy the privilege of being a teacher and mentor. I cherish the opportunities to share my knowledge with students. I help them gain a deeper understanding on geographic theories and spatial technologies and encouraging them to apply what they learn to solving real world problems. I also promote independent and creative thinking among self-motivated students, while serving as a support source to nourish the growth and development of emerging scholars. 

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