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Donald Colley

Donald E. Colley III

Teaching Instructor

Department of Geography
344 Social Sciences & Humanities


Since coming of age as a millennial during the Occupy Protests and the Arab Spring, I have been invested in activism in theory and praxis. During recent years, I have studied the grass roots support of Bernie Sanders, the emergence of the group No Justice No Pride and Black Lives Matter. My focus on these movements is the way that young people have used new media (social media, messaging apps, forums, comment sections, etc.) as means of organization and community-building. Additionally, I have studied the 'dark side' of social media in relation to the online treatment of women and minorities inside and outside of social movements.
Because of this, my teaching interests have been focused on Honors Cultural Geography around the topics of Political Geography, Geopolitics and the Global Economy, as well as Race and Racism on the University campus and in the classroom. Specifically, I've become invested in the Geographic Education community on the effects of teaching current events and minorities in honors education. I also teach Geographies of New Media and Geographies of Music with an emphasis on politics and representation.
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