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Alyson Greiner

Alyson L. Greiner


Department of Geography
326 Social Sciences & Humanities


I am a broadly trained cultural-historical geographer with regional expertise in Australia and diverse interests related to geography and global studies. My research focuses primarily on cultural landscapes, including how they are represented, change over time, are contested, and reflect and reinforce power. 


My research often intersects with aspects of globalization, ethnic geography, religion, gentrification, place-making, and geographic education. I have worked on numerous historic preservation projects and am part of a collaborative team that prepares resource management plans for state parks. I am especially interested in landscapes of the New Deal, Depression-era art, agro-industrial landscapes, necrogeography (such as cultural practices associated with cemeteries and green burials), and the history of geography. 


I have emergent interests in political iconography and the digital humanities. I am working with Chris Post and Geoff Buckley on an edited volume, Companion to the American Landscape. Other research projects in progress include a historical examination of landscape change related to malaria control in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and a bio-geo-historical study of Angie Debo.

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