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Allen Finchum

G. Allen Finchum

Associate Professor Emeritus


I view myself as an Urban/Population Geographer at my foundation, but I am also a quantitative and GIS specialist well versed in the use and application of general and spatial statistics as well as their application in GIS packages. I have also become well versed in the geographic aspects and characteristics of sport, venues, and their impact on their surrounding communities.


Currently I have a long-term ongoing project with the Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office to build and maintain an online database system to catalog and map historic sites in the state. Recently, I have been working with a graduate student on building and updating analytical models of regional definition (i.e. where is “Dixie” or the “Great Plains”) through the use of GIS and the service characteristics of colleges and universities in Oklahoma.


In the past I have worked on projects relating to golf course supply, highway bypass impacts in Oklahoma, and GIS education. I have worked with students whose research related to database correction using geographic modeling; using social media to map and understand community engagement; social and geographic characteristics of music genre; and ethnic church engagement within a suburban community.  

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