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Language Studies Lab: Community Resources

A large group of people smile at the front of a lecture hall. "4th Annuel Spring forum in TESL & Applieed Linguistsics" is projected behind them


The lab hosts a variety of seminars as well as small research groups. Please visit the Canvas page or email the lab for an up-to-date seminar schedule. Here are some activities we host:


  • FOOLS (Friends of Oklahoma Language Studies) is a venue for us to share our conference- and publication-ready research with each other. We use this time to practice dry runs, update our community on our projects, and learn from guest speakers.

  • LabRATTS (Laboratory Research and Tools Training Sessions) offers overviews on various hardware and software housed in the lab. We also use this time to discuss tools and techniques for gathering and analyzing data.

  • Data bites/Data bytes is a venue for researchers to share their data with each other in order to better understand how to organize, analyze, and present information.


The lab also supports and hosts various Reading Groups, and we continue to host the Research on Dialects of English in Oklahoma (RODEO) project. For more information, please email the lab at


Follow the page links below for more information:

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