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Clare Paniccia

PhD Student, Creative Writing - Poetry

Address: 402 Morrill Hall
Message: 405-744-1881

BA, SUNY University at Buffalo
MA, Southeast Missouri State University


Areas of Interest
  • Poetry

  • Rhetoric & Composition

Selected Publications
  • "Self Portrait as Siren, as Fig," "To See a Baby in a Dream," Sonora Review (forthcoming)

  • "Still, My Uncle Sits on a Tendril of Gun Smoke," Zone 3 (forthcoming)

  • "Breakup in Three Scenes," Connotation Press: An Online Artifiact (forthcoming)

  • "Marrow," "Epistle from Eve to Adam," "Portrait of Body with Fruit, Forbidden," "Self-Portrait as Bison Struck by Lightning," Nimrod International Journal (forthcoming)

  • "Atonement," The Pinch (forthcoming)

  • "Premonition," The Indianola Review (forthcoming)

  • "Listen:" Lunch Ticket (forthcoming)

  • "Nearshore Darling," Superstition Review (Issue 17)

  • "Vestige," The Boiler Journal (Spring 2016)

  • "Poem for the Horse Phedras de Blondel," Radar Poetry (Issue 10)

  • "Planets, Misaligned," Puerto del Sol (Issue 51.2)

  • "Portrait of Margaret, My Father, and Me," Slippery Elm Literary Journal (2015 Issue)

  • "I Wish I Could Say," Best New Poets 2015

  • "First Time," "In Which We Discover God's Plan," Cave Region Review (Volume 7)

  • "On Seeing the Doe," Ruminate Magazine (Issue 36)

  • "The Things We Once Were," The Cape Rock (Issue 43.1)

  • "Renée," Thistle Magazine (The Home Issue)

  • "Sunday Series," Pine Hills Review

  • "Winter Sonnets," Cumberland River Review

Selected Conference Presentations
  • "Forfeiting the Soul: Depersonalization, Masking, and the Impossibility of the Dual Self in Gene Luen Yang's American Born Chinese." Page23 LitCon. Denver, Colorado. May 23-25, 2015.

  • "The Digitized Ethos: Accessing Rhetorical Analysis via Facebook in the Composition Classroom." Radical Writes Graduate Writing Conference. Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, Arkansas). March 13-14, 2015.

  • "'Why are we writing this stuff, anyway?' Utilizing a Service-Based Approach to Cultivate Active Learning." Midwest Graduate Student Conference on Writing. Southeast Missouri State University (Cape Girardeau, Missouri). April 11-12, 2014.

  • "'I cannot be a man with wishing, so I will die a woman with grieving': The Conflict of Feminine Free Will and Respect in Much Ado About Nothing." Rocky Mountain Modern Language Associaton. Vancouver, Washington. October 10-12, 2013.

Honors and Offices
  • CWA Vice President, 2016-2017

  • 2016 - Finalist, the Sonora Review Poetry Contest, sponsored by Sonora Review and judged by Mathias Svalina

  • 2016 - Finalist, the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, sponsored by Nimrod International Journal and judged by Robin Coste Lewis

  • 2016 - Finalist, the Indiana Review Poetry Prize, sponsored by Indiana Review and judged by Camille Rankine

  • 2016 - Finalist, the Baltimore Review Winter Contest (Health), sponsored by Baltimore Review and judged by Joanna Pearson, MD

  • 2015 - Finalist, the Slippery Elm Poetry Contest, sponsored by Slippery Elm Literary Journal and judged by Renee Nicholson

  • 2015 - Finalist, Best New Poets 2015, sponsored by Meridian and judged by Tracy K. Smith

  • 2015 - Finalist, the Jane McCabe Poetry Prize, sponsored by Ruminate Magazine and judged by Dan Beachy-Quick

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