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Student Award Program

The OSU Computer Science Department is proud to introduce the Student Award Program where we recognize Computer Science students for their efforts in education, research, and leadership. All awards for the active year will be based on student performance from previous year.

General Timeline for the Award:

The award application usually opens in the Spring semester (early February). Decisions are announced unofficially over summer. Official announcement is made during Fall semester (mid-August or early September). The CS department will publicize your achievement by creating a short video and posting it on their website and social media pages. The department will also need a professional head-shot and biography note. If awarded, we expect your cooperation and flexibility to make the publicity events successful. Note, if you are graduating in the summer you may not have full access to all the benefits offered to the awardees.


Undergraduate Student Awards

Why Participate?

  • Distinguish yourself.
  • Open yourself to new experience during your college years.
  • Find yourself by understanding the challenge.
  • Make your resume standout to job employers.

Graduate Student


Why Participate?

  • Make yourself and your resume more valuable in the job market.
  • Demonstrate that you are ready to be the next generation leader.
  • Proof your work ethics to prospective employers.

Ph.D Students:

  • Outstanding Research Awardees are given Fisher Scholarship of around $600 to be used towards conference registration and travel.


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