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Department of Computer Science

Research in Internet of Things (IoT) framework


iot signDr. Cecil’s interest in IoT is closely related to his interests in the design of CPS; his current research focuses on adopting IoT principles and approaches to support collaborative cyber-physical activities. He is collaborating with networking researchers and studying the feasibility of next generation networking principles such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) to increase the bandwidth and reduce the latency pertaining to 3D data (in the context of VR/AR based collaboration), cyber-physical interfaces (involving haptic and other sensors), among others. Working with Dr. P. Ramanathan at Wisconsin-Madison (, he has a first Internet-of-Training-Things framework to support orthopedic surgical training involving distributed users linked using SDN. He and Dr. Ramanathan have also collaborated on the design of collaborative smart manufacturing environments, which has led to one of the first comprehensive IoT frameworks for distributed collaborative manufacturing to support the agile assembly of micro devices using an assortment of cyber and physical resources (using automated robotic cells).



Dr. J. Cecil

Dr. S. Aakur


To find out more information about Dr. Cecil's ongoing projects, please use the this link.

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